On this page we are going to help you choose the best hob. This is the purpose of the guide below. Written by our professional advisors, it shows the various types available, their powers and characteristics, as well as energy efficiency . You can also contact us by email ; You get a quick, professional answer and you can choose with peace of mind, without any compromise. We put at your disposal all the tools available so you can decide the best hob, always with the best price and service.

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To begin with we want to make it clear that there are mainly two types of cooking plates: Electric cooking plates and gas cooking plates. Inside the electric cooking plates are the conventional plates, the glass ceramic plates, the induction plates and finally the gas plates. We explain in detail each one of them:

Guide to buying a hob


    They are the typical plates of the whole life, nowadays very little usual but that still commercializes some model, for example, the model Teka E / 60 .2 4P INOX . The truth is that they do not have many advantages, since they are slow, consuming a lot and are quite difficult to clean.


    This type of plaques at first dislocated the previous ones, but nowadays, they are used less and less, since the induction gains them in cleanliness, energy efficiency, speed and consumption.Within the vitroceramic plates there are several categories depending on the fire and measures:

    • The 4- burner hob, for example, the Balay 3EB721LR . Perhaps the most used in this category, several cooking zones, one large, one small and two medium to make several types of meals at a time.
    • The 3-burner hob, with extra-large cooking zones up to 32 cm, for example, the Balay 3EB716LQ . If you are looking for something different from the rest of the plates, these ceramic hobs are your choice, same size as the previous ones with different fires.
    • The special ceramic hobs such as modular Teka VT TC 2P B or as some model of 60 and 90 cm wide by 35 bottom, for example the models Balay 3EB795LQ and 3EB712LR . To emphasize the models of 80 and 90 cm of width of up to 5 zones of cooking, like the model TR 951 of Teka .
    • We will also find ceramic hobs without controls prepared to operate with polyvalent furnaces, such as the Teka VTC B model. Vitroceramics of gas such as the 101TGB model of Vitrokitchen .

    Induction plates are as fast as any gas hob and are much more economical to consume than glass-ceramic. They are characterized by their safety, since they are plates that do not burn, therefore, there is no danger, we can use them all at home, as well as not burn if you spill something does not stick, just pass a clean and wipe. They have the most advanced technology in programming, oil temperature control, safety locks, energy information consumed, etc. Yes it is true that they need special equipment, but surely we will be able to take advantage of our kitchen battery, since for years the majority of kitchenware manufacturers have considered that it is suitable for induction. To know if your utensils are suitable or not for this type of kitchen will suffice that you check if a magnet is stuck in the base, if so, you can use it without problem. There are 3 zone induction plates such as the Siemens EH675FD27E , 4 zones like the Teka IB 6140 and 5 zones like the Siemens EH975MD21E .

The latest in induction are the plates with extra-long area of ​​24 x 40 cm, measure that can vary slightly, depending on each brand, with them we can enjoy a special area where to place different sizes of containers, according to our needs. For example the model of 60 cm of AEG HKL65310FB or the one of 90 cm AEG HK956970FB . In this type of plates we can also find models of special measures such as modular induction, an example would be the IB 302 BK from Cata , there are also plates with special aesthetics like the model VR TC 95 4I from Teka and finally mention the model GIGA 600 BK of Cata with a zone of cooking of 40 cm of diameter. And if we want a large cooking zone without worrying about measurements and space we can look at the model Miele KM6395, with possibility of placing the container anywhere on the surface.


    These plates are the fastest and are present in most professional kitchens, we can say that its consumption is less than the electric. They accept all types of utensils, it will not be necessary to buy pots and pans of a certain material, we will be able to take advantage of all the pots we have. Nowadays with natural gas we forget about the uncomfortable butane bottles, in addition incorporate safety thermocouple in all the burners, so that, if the flame is accidentally turned off, the gas is automatically cut. As for design, they have nothing to envy to induction hobs, since we find many models with glass bases and other materials that make them also very attractive and innovative. Within this category we can find:

    • 3-burner gas hobs with stainless or glass base like Teka models EM 60AG AI AL and CGW LUX 60 3G AIAL TR , respectively.
    • 4-burner gas hobs, also with stainless or glass base like the Whirlpool models AKM 260 / IX and GOR 6414 / NB , respectively.
    • Gas plates 5 fires with width of 70 and 90 cm as the model of Smeg SER60SGH3 and model of AEG HG795440NB , respectively.
    • Gas plates of special dimensions with a width of 51 cm such as the modular models of Cata GI 302 and LCI 302 BK .

In addition to these types of kitchens, there are currently available models of mixed plates of different sizes, combining gas and electricity, for example the models EFX 60 2G 2H AI AL BUT and EFX90 4G 1H AI AL DR NAT of Teka brand.

In this section dedicated to cooking we can not forget the possibilities that we have to mount our kitchen with modular plates, such as electric or gas that we have seen in the previous sections and that we can accompany with a modern Teppan Yaki Balay iron 3EB8038LS or with a Balay fryer 3EB6030LS .

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At this moment we already know firsthand what plaques exist in the market but … you know what to look for when you buy a cooking plate ?. Here are the key features for any of these boards:


    The most economical plates of consumption are those of induction or those of gas, if we compare them with the glass ceramic or the conventional electric plates.


    Although the most common are 60 cm we can find 70, 80 and 90 cm with cooking zones of different shapes and sizes.


    The induction plates are the option that will facilitate us the task of cleaning with difference to all the others since the food does not remain stuck.


    Nowadays not least, we will find them with stainless steel and glass, both with advanced technology and innovative designs.

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Finally comment that in Power ZOA we always bet for energy efficiency and our recommendation is that whenever we buy any type of appliance we look at this feature.

At Power ZOA we are at your disposal for what you need. Remember that you can finance your appliances for up to 10 months and without interest, do not hesitate to contact us